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Health care should be within the reach of every citizen. For providing basic health care services to all citizens, government has introduced and implemented various health schemes and programmes. This section provides information pertaining to health programmes, policies, schemes, etc. Details of the Union and state government agencies, departments, organizations, research and publications, speeches of the Union Minister are also available.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is defined as all people having access to needed health services of quality without experiencing financial hardship. Myanmar’s political leadership has expressed a strong commitment to accelerating progress towards UHC, which has also become a global priority. The National Health Plan (NHP) aims to strengthen the country’s health system and pave the way towards UHC, choosing a path that is explicitly pro-poor. The main goal of NHP 2017-2021 is to extend access to a Basic Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) to the entire population by 2020 while increasing financial protection.

The NHP also aims to promote further alignment at several levels:

  1. Among programs (e.g., by encouraging more integrated training, joint supportive supervision, better aligned referral mechanisms, a more streamlined health information system)
  2. Among development partners (DPs), through stronger oversight and coordination
  3. Among different types of providers, through engagement of Ethnic Health Organizations (EHOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), private-for-profit providers, etc.
  4. Among implementing agencies by ensuring that projects and initiatives contribute to the achievement of NHP goals



  1. To enable every citizen to attain full life expectancy and enjoy longevity of life.
  2. To ensure that every citizen is free from diseases.

To realize these objectives, all health activities are implemented in conformity with the followingstrategies.


  1. Widespread dissemination of health literacyto reachpopulation residing inrural areas.
  2. Enhancing disease prevention activities.
  3. Providing effective treatment of prevailing diseases.

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