Mingalabar is a word of welcome as well as a wish for good fortune. This single word best signifies the inherent nature of the people of Myanmar: not only to offer hospitality but to wish others well. With traditions deeply rooted in the loving-kindness philosophy of Buddhism, the creed the Myanmar lives by is cedana, or heart-felt goodwill towards friends and strangers alike. Myanmar possesses a rich and vibrant cultural tradition. Great natural beauty combines with magnificent temple architecture.

Traditionally, Myanmar tourism is based on culture. Myanmar with its long history, culture and religion has many pagodas, temples and monuments all over the country. In addition, Myanmar is also blessed by nature with natural attractions. There are snow-capped mountains, deep forests, cool and scenic places, long rivers, beautiful lakes, and manu unspoiled beaches and archipelagoes. The different national races and their way of life, traditional arts and crafts offer exotic vistas of the nation while the warm hospitality of Myanmar people world-renowned.

Reference - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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