Light Scheme

လျှပ်စစ်နှင့် စွမ်းအင်

Light Scheme

/ August 24, 2018


Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE) under Ministry of Electricity & Energy has distributed to other State and Regions except Yangon & Mandalay Regions Totally (2.32) millions among (7.972) million households are electrified at present and the rest is(5.652) millions. MOEE has been planning to supply electricity fastly to the rest households. It will need to do meter installation priority for un-electrified places which arrive Power System and un-electrified places carrying out to get electricity by regional program.

2. Aim

          At Towns and villages where have already arrived  power system and already installed 400 V line and 11/0.4 kV Transformers, ESE will fit meters within one day by One Stop Service (OSS) system so that to use electricity fast.


3(A)Draft Plan

           For quarters/villages, although the places where  have already  arrived electricity and  installed 11/0.4kV distribution lines and 11/0.4 kV transformers by Union’s budget or Region /State’s budget or  public fund, OSS team will pick up the households list which want to install meter, make planning  schedule to install meter , form groups  to do one stop service, inform field plan that will be carried out by  meter installation team to local authorities and do field work according to this plan.

3(B)Detailed  Plan

           One Stop Service (OSS) team will carry  as follows;

(1)    Picking up Household list where  want to install meter

                   Ask Region and State electric engineer office to  present household list want to install meter where have already installed 11/0.4kV distribution lines and 11/0.4 kV transformers.

            (2)   Making Planning schedule to install meter in States/Regions

According to quarter/ village list, OSS team will make meter installation schedule and carry out in theRegion/State. In doing work , they have to carry out as per priority list.

            (3)   Organizing OSS team

                   One Stop Service (OSS) team will be formed in every Region and State with the following members.

                  (a)   One representative from ESE head office,

                  (b) One representative from State/Region electric engineering office,

                  (c)   One representative from respective district electric enginee- ring office and

                  (d)   The Staffs from respective township and town electric engineer office.

            (4)   Installing meter within one day by OSS team


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