Yangon City Development Committee

Yangon City Development Committee

Duties and Responsibilities of YCDC Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) is the administrative body of Yangon which covers a total area of 306.73 square miles. To maintain and develop the city within its territory, YCDC carries out the following duties and responsibilities:

  • • drawing and implementing land policies, administration of lands, developing and enforcing planning controls, protection of heritage buildings, regulation of construction sites
  • • construction and maintenance of parks, gardens, playgrounds, recreation centers
  • • promoting events and exhibitions to enhance the work of YCDC
  • • providing parking spaces for vehicles and reducing traffic congestion
  • • construction, maintenance, upgrading and administration of markets
  • regulation, control and healthcare for animals and pets, including the inspection of meat and fishery markets and supervision of slaughter houses
  • • practice of environmental protection and waste management, including collection and treatment of waste, management of landfills, prevention of water and air pollution
  • • regulate and issue licenses for ferryboats and supervision of ferry businesses
  • • licensing and regulating trading warehouses and pawn shops
  • • ensuring the safety of the citizens through prevention of natural disasters and management of the fire services
  • • issue licenses regarding slow moving vehicles such as tricycle rickshaws
  • • providing water supply and sanitary systems
  • • supervision of cemeteries and incinerators, and overseeing the land use of cemetery compounds
  • • other beneficial municipal works, such as environmental services



  1. Committee Office
  2. Administration Department
  3. Budget and Accounts
  4. Inspection Department
  5. Co-ordination Department
  6. Assessor Department
  7. Revenue Department
  8. Markets Department
  9. Veterinary & Slaughter House Department
  10. Pollution Control & Cleansing Department
  11. Engineering Department (Roads & Bridges)
  12. Engineering Department (Buildings)
  13. Engineering Department (Water & Sanitation)
  14. Motors Transport & Workshop Department
  15. Central Stores Department
  16. Playgrounds, Parks & Gardens Department
  17. Health Department
  18. Security & Disciplinary Department
  19. City Planning & Land Administration Department
  20. Public Relations & Information Department
  21. Production Department

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