Performance of 24 hr power supply to Mongmit, Mongmit District, Shan State (North) and surrounding villages

/ August 24, 2018

 66 kV Mogok-Mongmit transmission line (24.65) miles for electricity distribution to Mongmit township by Power System and 66/11 kV and 5 MVA (1) Sub Station in Mongmit township was implemented since 2014-2015 financial year.

          As they had already constructed and transmitted to 4 quarters in Mongmit township from National Power System for (24)hr on 25.3.2018 (15:13)hr.

          And then, total of 24 hr electrified person is 674 (including electrified before in Mongmit township) under on-going process, number of households (4801) in town and 14 villages will be electrified soon.

          So, economy, health, education as well as social economy of Urban and Rural people will get more benefits.


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